Moon In Seventh House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Moon in the seventh house in the annual chart is very auspicious. It is called a river which fertiles land or the Goddess of wealth. If the Moon is posited in the seventh house in the annual chart one’s popularity shall enhance. Business will flourish, and there will be many business travels. The native will get success in agriculture, lawyer and education related profession. There will be chances of one’s getting married during that year. One gets the beautiful, obedient spouse. Economically, the year proves excellent.

Moon gets afflicted if it is aspected or conjuncted with the malefic planets, and in this situation Moon casts inauspicious results. The native will remain tensed, There will be financial loss. There will be difference of opinions between mother and spouse. There will be extra marital affair, one’s education might get affected.

So, to avoid adverse situations & to enhance the good results of Moon, one must follow some remedial measures.
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