Moon In Sixth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Moon in the sixth house- Your moon belongs to the sixth house due to which your complexion is wheat-ish. You will be of mediocre height and physic. You ll be physically agile. You will have a gift of gab and you will tend to be talkative. Anyone who meets you even once would be greatly influenced by you.

Nature- You will be of light and amicable nature. Deft at using your skill of speech. You will be enamored of food and drinks. You will be a perfect host for all the people visiting you. You will take the help of mostly loans and expanding your business.

You will tend to be either an atheist or you will have full faith in god. You will be successful in domestic and well as outdoor activities. You will contribute towards public welfare as well as towards society or community which will give you self-satisfaction. You will serve everyone selflessly.

Education and Vocation- Because of moon in the sixth house you will be of a weak physical constitution. To be precise rather than be of very soft and good looks your attraction will be the skill of your hands which is found mostly in doctors, nurses or practitioners of Unani medicine. Suitable profession for you is medicine.

You may benefit from mathematics, physical sciences, rhetoric or grammar, typing, shorthand, printing, weather, publishing, education, tourism, law, photography, astronomy, courier service.

You will benefit especially from a profession like that of a doctor. Even if you’re not a doctor or a hakim you can benefit people by administering medicine with your hands.

Family life- Your family life will be good. Moon in the sixth house is akin to maternal grandmother who gives you the wisdom of an older person and a compassionate person. You will be extremely fond of your maternal grandmother. You may not enjoy the benefit of having a maternal uncle and if you do enjoy the love of maternal uncle you may be left without of your maternal aunt.

There is an obstacle in being blessed with an offspring. Your success in love life may come very late. You may fall in love with a sub ordinate or an employee. But you will not benefit from your relationships with women.

You may be destined to be separated from your offspring. Till the age of 35 your married life will be unsatisfactory and unfulfilling. After that your wife may start appreciating you and may bring adjustments in herself, and you may then lead a harmonious family life.

Health- Due to moon in the sixth house you may suffer from psychological or heart ailments, cough, ear ache, bronchitis, asthma, hernia, lack efficiency of digestive juices, joint pain, psychological fear, lung disease.

Ill Effects- If your moon is weak then you will be devoid of mother’s company. Your wife will suffer from an incurable disease. Due to this the disease will undermine your wife’s physical health.

Due to Moon in the sixth house your enemies will be of mediocre strength. They will be ordinary beings engaged in lowly professions like gamblers, drunkards, Small tenants etc. who will trouble you with petty crime.

Moon in the sixth house indicates minor obstructions in the way of the birth of a child. The ill effect of moon bows you down in front of others for some or the other little reason in spite of your being even a millionaire. It is the cause of some or the other mental or physical worry.
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