Moon In Tenth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Moon in the tenth house- Your moon is in the tnth house which makes you an attractive person. You face will have a mole or unlucky mark. Your hair is likely to be short. Your personality will be a balanced one.

Nature- You will be a honey-tongued person who does every work meticulously! A person of rock-solid values by which you will live your life.You will be especially be fond of clean environment.You will be a kind hearted person and will not be able to bear to see anyone’s suffering-will do your best to alleviate other’s pain and suffering.

You will be of religious nature and a great devotee and follower of your guru.Believing firmly in the principle of “truth always wins”,you will be ever-ready to help anybody without expecting anything in return.However all that you get in return for your good deeds is deceit and betrayal.You will mesmerize people due to your peaceful and reflective nature.You will always wear a hear-winning smile.You can become a successful politician.

You will lead a simple and ordinary life and because of your innumerable responsibilities which you choose to always discharge responsibly,you will always be in need of more funds.You will not wish to take revenge even from your bitterest enemy and believe in the justice of the almighty.

Education and Vocation- You will acquire education in technical or field of engineering.You will gain knowledge of two languages and will acquire the gift of the gab.

You are liable to deal in petroleum and oil production ,mineral ores or even sale of carpets etc.

If you dabble in long term saving plans like chit-funds,insurance,lottery you may get high profits only in the short run but after some time you will incur great monetary losses.You will have many changes in your business.You will work abroad but your life will be in a state of flux.It will stabilize only between the age of 33 and 45.

Note: 1- If you are dealing in investment or speculation, silver will be beneficial for you.

2 We recommend that you choose to go for a salaried job rather than do business.

Family Life- You are likely to enjoy an exceptionally happy married life. Your wife will be an accomplished home-maker and will remain obedient. But your chances of having extra-marital affairs cannot be ruled out.

You will get full support and co-operation from your brothers.You may go away from from parents and siblings and settle in faraway land to do your business.But you will keep on getting their help and support frequently.

Health- You may suffer from ear problems,skin ailments,exzema,asthma, T.B. or severe indigestion.

Inauspicious- Due to the ill –effects of moon in the tenth house,your mental peace will be shattered.

Moreover poor health of parents is also due to weak moon.Moon’s negative effect may adversely affect your elder son also.Thus you will constantly worry about your eldest child’s poor health conditions.

Due to inauspicious moon, you will tend to be haughty and proud and unkind in your words to anyone thereby earning resentment and making enemies around yourself. You will have no benefit from your parent’s wealth.Your spirits will keep on sagging after frequently changing jobs or business and incurring monetary losses.Inauspicious moon causes a lot of ups and downs in wealth status. You may be able to enjoy living in your own house much later in life or never at all.
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