Moon In Third House (Natal Chart Reading)

Due to moon being in the third house, you will be handsome with good height, good physique, reasonably good complexion and long limbs. Nature-You will be of religious natural disposition which will bring you immense good fortune. Therefore it is essential for you to be inclined towards religious activities, have faith in the almighty and give alms. You will be greatly inclined towards working for others.

Due to the good effects of moon being in the third house, you will not bother to unnecessarily quarrel or argue with others. You prefer to spend your life amicably and peacefully. You will keep good neighborly relations and therefore will reap great benefits .You will be of a very strong character and will despise illicit relationships.

You will get little peace of mind and will tend to be short tempered.

Education and Vocation- The good effects of moon in the third house will enable you to get excellent education. You will complete education in Commerce stream. You will acquire skill and knowledge pertaining to sports and you will succeed in life after making one of them your means of livelihood.

You will continue to enjoy fame and good fortune throughout your twenties till the age of thirty –three. In the absence of ill-effects of moon this good phase may continue till the age of twenty five.

You will enjoy your good economic condition. You will earn a lot of respect in your life and will be extremely wary of all problems in your life and will even successfully solve them.

Family Life: Due to moon being in the third house you will enjoy the good fortune of the support of your siblings; this is because the third house belongs to the siblings. By and large your siblings will enjoy good health.

Due to the good effects of moon in the third house even if you have been born in an ordinary family, good fortune will take towards prosperity.

You parents’ contribution will be enjoyed by you throughout your life. You will either profit from wealth conferred upon you by your siblings or you will succeed in making a fortune for yourself.

Health- You may suffer from arthritis, ear ache, asthma, skin infection, liver ailment, anemia or even cancer.

Ill Effects- The negative effects of moon will tend to make you irritable. You will tend to be selfish and will tend to be affable at heart. You will not be consistent in your way of working. Success may be elusive.

Due to ill effects of moon you parents may have a disharmonious relationship. There’s a good chance that one of your parents may keep poor health. You may have to face the animosity of your neighbors. Your fame and good name may be over shadowed by the ill effects of moon. You may unnecessarily need to spend time on travel. Ill effects of moon will cause you to move away from your native land spend your life away from family.

Ill effects of moon will cause your treasury to be devoid of any wealth. Either you will not be able to accumulate wealth or it will be stolen. Your own siblings will behave like enemies.
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