Moon In Twelfth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Moon in the twelfth house- Since the moon is in this house you happen to have a very good personality with round face ,huge eyes, strong muscular body and normal height will make you look handsome indeed.

Nature- By nature you will be a sober person and will always deal with people using a good sense of discretion.You will enjoy a large circle of friends and will indulge in spending money freely for friends. You will be very successful in your dealings with people and win their hearts by your excellent speaking skills.You will enjoy travelling abroad.

You tend to exist in your own world of visions and dreams- and will work hard round the clock for realizing your dreams.

You will make friends abroad. But will be weak minded and will feel vanquished due to even trivial failures.You are chickenhearted.

If you settle abroad you may not find stability in life. Added to this you may face numerous problems.

Education and Vocation- Due to moon being in the twefth house you will always seek to gain knowledge. You will be interested in many subjects but will be a jack of all trades and master of none.You will be interested in editing ,publishing ,work.writing or even acting.

You may even acquire knowledge of aeronautics,teaching,astrology, medical, para-medical and choose your vocation in the fields.

You are capable of keeping matters of others a secret with you.Your words will comfort others. In churches and cathedrals in the western countries,where the catholic priest (father) listens to confessions of other people and does not divulge their secret to anyone-this phase of moon makes you a confidante of others.

Family life- Moon in the twelfth house makes you brag about your father’s wealth to others and as a result it tends to happen that you may not get the lion’s share of your father’s wealth and property. Normally your father’s position is secure and strong.This perhaps makes you think and talk about your family’s past glory.

Your domestic life will be ideal. You will have an obedient wife.Both son and daughter will be born to you and you will be fortunate. You need to be wary of your wife’s health between the age of 36-42 yrs. Because she may suffer from pain in the spine or joint pain in her body. Health- You must take special care of your own health during your childhood. You may suffer from painful sores and boils.

Inauspicious- When moon casts its ill-effects on you your eyes get adversely affected. Many a time inauspicious moon weakens the eyes considerably much before a person’s old age. You may suffer from cold related health problems like cough and cold.

Inauspicious moon does not have a good effect on business. Moon in this house makes you prone to heavy monetary expenses. But you will remain untroubled by even heavy expenses.

Moon in this position makes you feel hopeless and so your mother who is synonymous with moon, does not enjoy a happy state of mind. Your expenses are directed at matters which are nagging and no matter how much you earn your savings become nil.

Moon in the twelfth house makes others jealous of you. They may even inflict insults upon you out of jealousy. You yourself may be the root cause of this by saying with words or with body language that you hold them in low esteem.

Due to inauspicious moon you may get into arguments and unpleasant situation with parents or relatives over trivial matters.

Due to the weak position of moon your happiness will be short-lived. On many occasions of joy some or the other serious accident may occur. In some cases your increased libido may prompt you to establish immoral relationships with other women.

Note- If you are engaged in speculation, or investment ,silver will be beneficial for you.
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