Moon In Twelfth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Moon in the twelfth house in the yearly chart is considered ‘night storm’. Moon in this house indicates foreign travel for education purpose. This position makes chances to be benefited financially from abroad. One plans to start export- import business or everyday there will be new plans in the mind related to business/ job success in court case is likely. One’s knowledge in astrology & related subjects shall enhance too.

But Moon in twelfth house, if conjuncted or aspected by malefic planets, gets afflicted & casts adverse results. Eye sight of the native gets affected, The travel will prove meaningless & worthless. There will be loss of money, mental tension will increase, the native will feel insomanic and the scalp will also get affected. There may be lose in court case too. The children will either be disobedient or diseased.
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