Rahu In Eighth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Rahu in eighth house: As your Rahu is in the eighth house; you will have a normal physique and will try to become powerful.

Nature : You will be lazy and you would like to sleep in day and wake up in night. Your nights will be restless. You wiil have interest in black magic and secret rituals. You would like to roam around the roads and graveyards without any particular reason. You would like to quarrel due to small issues and to be abusive. You will show very strange behavior like sometimes, you will be very amicable and sometimes very strange. Also, you will not know that why you behave like that. You will be the owner of conspiracy and dirty thinking. You will lead your family and will try to fulfill your all promises at any how.

Education and Employement: You would like to do new tasks. After beginning, your passion will go down. You may have to face a lot of troubles in your life. You can do work related to jail, Cemeteries land, business related to black materials, carbon magnet and work related to woolen items. You will not be able to do any work consistently.

Family Life: Your family life will be in good condition. If you would have wealth then your relatives, friends, wife and children will respect you and will not leave you otherwise, they all will leave you alone. Also, either you would have a lot of fascination towards all or you will not have any infatuation at all and leaving everything, you will be marching towards Sanyasa. It is also possible that your family may donate you in childhood to any Gurukul, monastery or Dharmaguru.

Health:You may suffer from venereal disease, hemorrhoids, headache, paralysis, cancer or incurable diseases. If you go to the shelter of religion, your health will be better.

Sinister: However, Rahu is inauspicious in the eighth house but it will change your nature. You will be irascible. You will have to face financial strain. You would have health problems and mental stress. Family happiness will decrease. You would have to face legal troubles. All amenities would be interrupted. Sometimes, you may suffer from homological death. Long trips, loss of wealth or fear of injury from the ride will happen.
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