Rahu In Eighth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Rahu in eight house in the annual chart is good. The native Keeps receiving the good messages from all sides in that year. Mysteries, occult sciences interest the native. Tantra, mantra, magic & superficial things attract the native too. The accumulated wealth is increased and one gets wealth after the death of some one in family. There will be gains through insurance policies and landed property. The native works with double enthusiasm. Rahu in eight house gives unexpected money gain in form of lottery, speculation, gambling, ancestral property, insurance policies and any other such things etc.

But Rahu gives inauspicious results if it is aspected or conjuncted by malefic planets. The native has to spend money in futile expenses. Diseases like pile & Stomach ache, may trouble the native. Family tension remains in that year. Instability in job will be experienced and one has to change the jobs frequently. In spite of having all materialistic happiness one leads a measurable life. Rahu in this house may cause sudden injury, accident or deceit.
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