Rahu In Eleventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Rahu in eleventh house: Rahu is in the eleventh house, due to this you'll be soft-bodied and would have wide forehead and attractive eyes. You will seem like belong to the royal family.

Nature: You will believe in the truth that means will not hesitate to give your life for the truth. You will make your own rules for yourself and shall follow them strongly. You will do selfless service of others. You will follow religious faith and beliefs from heart. You will be headstrong by nature. Once you will take the decision that would not withdraw. You will be brilliant and competent in almost every aspect of life. You would have both good and bad nature. When you will be excited then you will be very brutal but anger will calm down soon. You will not believe in showoff.

Education and Employment: You would have difficult time in the field of occupation till the age of 34 years. After this stage, you will be able to get sustainable growth. You may achieve fame in the field of astrology, psychology and medicine. You will be able to get higher education.

Family life: Generally, you will have to face the problems posed by loved ones. But still, you will meet their desires without any demand. You will not be able to get well wishes form your elder brother or sister. There would be more daughters in your offspring as the number of son will be less than the number of daughter. After the death of your elder brother, you may have to take the responsibility of his entire family. Due to the prenatal curse, there will be obstacles in child birth at your home. There are the possibilities of death of son, abortion or the disease of sterility etc.

Health: You may suffer from urine problem, shortness of breath and diabetes. Also, you may have the problem of chest pain.

Sinister:Because of bad results of Rahu, you will spend the money in races, lotteries, betting, gambling, etc. Suddenly, you will have the desire to become messrs. you will be caught while taking bribe. Suddenly, you will get much wealth but suddenly, the whole wealth will be caught by thieves or Government department. You will be selfish, greddy and short tempered. You would not have more friends. You may have face loss from friends and you will not be able to get any support from any friend. Obstacles will always be in the way of your good fortune.
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