Rahu In Eleventh House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Rahu in the eleventh house of the annual chart symbolizes victory of good over evil. New contacts will be established. New friends will be made which will be beneficial. There will be many successful travels in and outside the country. The children will do well academically & gain good percentage in the exam. Love relations will get materialized into marriage. There will be gain in name & fame & benefits through foreign contacts. One’s relations will get stronger with in- laws side.

But Rahu gets afflicted either it is aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets. In that case, the native will has to face non-co-operation and opposition from all sides whether they are friend/ relatives/ parents. Relatives will become hostile towards the native. There will be lack of conjugal happiness in married life. All family members feel diseased as negative environment will take place of home. One’s luck will not- favor, there will be increased debts and difference of opinions with father, brother & sister. One’s own Kith & Kin will behave in hostile manner. There will be failure in government related work and one finds it difficult to accomplish other works in time. Native’s idea of going abroad gets also flopped in that year.
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