Rahu In Fifth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Rahu in fifth house: As your Rahu is in the fifth house, you would have strong body, oval face and wheattish complexion.

Health : You will be proudy and dominant over friends. You will utilize religion for your benefit. You would like roaming, wandering and drees up properly. You will be arrogant and intelligent. You will be very creative and imaginary. You will consider yourself omnipotent. You will not be able to understand worldly matters. If you will not obey other’s suggestions, you may have to endure losses. You will be kind hearted and like reform.

Medium of Education and Employment: You will face problem in education due to the financial and physical problems. You will not be able to get education as per your capability like you have the ability to become a lawyer but you study medical subjects. Also, if you have the ability to become a doctor, you study engineering. As a result of this, you will not be able to get success in profession. If you will be pessimistic due to not utilizing your prudence, you may face problems. You can utilize your knowledge in writing, modification and creating poetry. You may become a congenital talented poet, novelist, dramatist, lawyer, astrologer or sage. You will have the ability to express imagination and emotions in the words by writing. When you will finish your education, you would not be able to utilize it in your career. You will be able to earn popularity for a short span of time but after sometime people will forget you.

Family Life: Due to the existence of Rahu in fifth house, planet of Jupiter/sun debt becomes. As a result of this, Rahu will spoil the happiness of the family. You may have relations with several women and may be you will do love marriage. You marriage may be in haste and can break instantly. Due to Rahu, you may have two marriages. You may get less happiness from your child. Due to rahu, you may have sarpshish dosh, due to which you would face problems in having child.

Health : You may suffer from heart disease, physical weakness, less count of sperm, eye problem and chest problem.

Sinister : Rahu definitely gives negative results by sitting in the fifth house. If you will ignore the religion, change your family priest, cut the banyan tree or demolish any temple near by home, then Rahu will give bad results. Your wife may die or leave you. You will have to face child loss that means your wife would have child death in the womb. You will not be able to become father after putting a lot of efforts. Sometimes, these situations happen with your grandchildren, due to which your generation will not sustain.
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