Rahu In First House (Natal Chart Reading)

Rahu in first house: Your Rahu is in the first house so you will be tall, fair and will have some spot on your face.

Nature : you will be lazy by nature. You would not like suggestions given by others. You would be intelligent but you will not take interest in study. If you will angry while talking to others, you will not be able to express it. You will be mischivious by nature and you will not find yourself stable. You would like to do gossiping and roaming with friends. You would have some symptomes due to the effect of Rahu like blinking of eyes, or shaking your head or legs.

Means of Education and Employement: You would be very intelligent but you will not be able to utilize your intelligency in study. You will complete your education with average marks. You will not be able to get any Government job. You will not be able to complete any assignment or assigned task as leaving work incomplete would be your tendency. Your work will be determined by the house in which Sun or Mars sits. Rahu sits in first house which eclipses Sun. As a result of this, individual will get fear from Government machinery. So it is suggested that don’t do any work, which is against the society.

Family life: You would have traditional family. The house in which you got birth will be infront of a house where, a childless couple will stay or that house is ruined. You will get full affectionate from your parents but you will be at some distance from them because of either your service or your father’s service. You will get massive popularity in the society but if your Rahu is in bad omen then your reputation will be tarnished. You will not give respect to your wife and it would be your habit to deride while talking. You would have ideological differences with your wife but still she will be with you in all odds. Most probably, you will get female children.

Health: There is the possibility that you may suffer from paralysis, heart disease, weak eyeshight, weak bones, and spitting in frequent intervals.

Sinister: If Rahu is not in your favour then you will get bad health and will become angry frequently. Domestic quarrels will be there. You would have differences with your wife and father. You will have to face some troubles in the business. You will be able to get ample wealth and popularity but suddenly, all wealth and reputation will go or stolen. You will face problems in getting child. There will be fear of expenditure and accidents.
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