Rahu In First House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Rahu in the first house in the annual chart gives good results in financial matters. The native gets sudden economic gains and has a sound economical condition throughout the year. The native’s mind thinks new creative ideas to earn money. Fair and unfair both the means could be used to earn money. The native will take independent decisions as far as financial matters are concerned & will feel free to invest. He/She will not be influenced by anyone’s decision or pressure rather will make a good mark on others. He/She well establish contacts with high profile people & gain through them. There may also be chance to win through lottery, share market or speculation in that year.

But the results are reverse, if Rahu in first house is either conjunct or has aspect of malefic planets. In that case constant mental tension will remain throughout the year. There will be fear & displeasure from the high officials. He may face unexpected loss of prestige and position. Sudden disputes will arise. Opponents will become creative and try to suppress the native. Near & dear ones will also be hostile. There may be theft at home & lose of wealth. Health issues like blood & digestion related problems trouble the native.

The native must perform some remedial measured & take precautions to ward off the negative effects of malefic Rahu- .
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