Rahu In Fourth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Rahu in fourth house: Generally, the person, who belongs to fourth house of Rahu, has different shape, sometimes seems to be thin or sometimes fatty. It is tough to say anything on the texture of such type of person as Rahu is a shadow planet.

Nature: Rahu sitting in the fourth house called as dharmi. The person is extremely expensive. But this expense takes place for auspicious works. This type of person fulfills his/her responsibility with honesty. The person becomes centre of attraction in public meetings with the help of attractive talks. The person helps everyone. The person is supersticious and he/she doesn’t believe anyone easily as he/she got ditched in the past. The person is naïve by nature. He/she has a habit to talk elderly and giving advice to others. Person’s Behavior always changes.

Medium of Education and Employment: You have the capability to gather information on every subject but still you don’t get fame or success. You don’t concentrate on one work. Changes in location and work take place because of Rahu. The person starts many works at a time but could not complete any work. The person will always do the job by staying away from the house or family. Such kind of person maintains composure during mental trouble or misfortune and this type of nature is attractive and respectfull. And because of this behavior everybody likes the person. He/she will be appointed in transport, shipping, and communication department or any other related business. The person may also earn money in the role of bookseller and financial broker.

Family life : If the person gets early married then he/she may have to face conflicts or will have to stay away from his/her family. Person will have to face some predestined problems. But he/she will not tell his/her problem to anyone as Rahu sits quite in the fourth house and don’t act. Person stays far away from his mother after marriage. He/she doesn’t get support from his father for a long time. The person doesn’t maintain much relation with siblings.

Health: There is no possibility to speak anything about person’s health. If the person is ill then he/she should consult to the doctor without any ignorance. Person may suffer from paralysis, heart problem, tooth disease, womb or cough.

Sinister: Though Rahu does not act in the fourth house, but if leave it then it destroys everything. If enemy planets are watching Rahu or the person changes the roof of the house or constructs the bathroom, then Rahu becomes evil. Thus, there is a possibility of mental illness of any family member. Also, the person may go to prison or mental hospital. To rob the house and suddenly crashes occurrence are the mischief of Rahu. Also, decent person involves in bad deeds. Repeatedly fetching of land or house is the sign of evil Rahu. Not getting success in any business, if a friend or relative does not support, be unknown from all are the ominous signals of Rahu.

Note: If you have already got constructed by breaking roof of home or bathroom and are facing untoward result then keep pure water filled bronze ware at your home because bronze is the asset of Jupiter and Jupiter can remove the evil effect of Rahu.
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