Rahu In Ninth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Rahu in ninth house: Your Rahu is in the ninth house, due to which you will be tall and would have dark complextion.

Nature: You would be desperate for happiness and you will be the person, who would believe in meditation. You would be faithful for everyone. You will keep everyone’s secret with you and will give right advice to them. You may become a good guide. You will be interested in scriptures and you can practice for that. You will be the worshiper of God Shiva and you will be attracted towards tantra-mantra of Nathpnth. You will get the support of good master. You would like to serve society. You will be truthful and believe in justice.

Medium of Education and Employment: You will be intelligent and highly qualified. You will score good marks in all subjects except maths. You will have strong command over English language. You will be teacher, scholar modifier, who gives the appropriate knowledge of the society. You will see dreams like birds flying. Saturn business will not give you bad results. Saturn’s work will give you good results. Start business of assets used for ENT.

Family life: Due to the presence of Rahu in ninth house, you will be the only son of your father or would be elder or younger. You will have elder or younger sisters. If sisters are not there, Rahu is antidote of brother. Brothers do not stay good life but sisters have good life. You will not think about caste while making relations with women. There is a possibility that you will marry the girl of another caste. You may marry the girl who would be elder than you or could be divorcee. Your love would remain unstable. You will have the feeling of ownership towards women. There are possibilities that your son may die after birth. You may live in abroad and there is a possibility of marriage with the foreign girl. You may have to take the responsibility for the sustenance of brothers. Due to Rahu, two brothers can not progress together but after separation, both will progress. You will be happy after the birth of child and will lead the family. You will be able to maintain unity among all the family members with the help of your ideas.

Health: You may suffer from hearing problem, back pain, cervical, thyroid, pain in arms.

Sinister: Due to the evil Rahu, you will become atheist. Stealing from the temple and begging for food in the name of religion will be your habit. You will speak lie or there may be a religious charge on you. There is the possibility that you can change your religion. Making fun of God and religion will be in your habit. Your initial life would be full of struggle. There will be disputes between your parents and you would have lack of happiness from their side. You would have troubles in order to get wealth and good luck. Your expenses will be higher. Sibling’s happiness may be less. There are not much chances of getting child related happiness. You would have health problems.
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