Rahu In Ninth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Rahu in ninth house in the annual chart gives unexpected travels. There will be many country tours & world tours in that year. The native should have good relations with siblings, if he would start partnership business with them, it will be profitable. The native will get auspicious results if he/she follows religion, There will be progress and financial benefits for grandfather, father and in laws people. One gets the support & co-operation of the all people around.

If, Rahu is either conjuncted or aspected by malefic planets, it causes harm to grand father, father and his/ her own progeny as well. Diseases related to respiratory system/ breathing, thyroid, spinal cord etc will trouble the native in that year. There will be clashes & confrontation at home without any reason. Loss of wealth, fruitless travels which will be tiring will be experienced. Wife will have miscarriages many times; she will be a deceased person and feel inactive. She will show less interest in religion.
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