Rahu In Second House (Natal Chart Reading)

Rahu in second house: As your Rahu is in the second house, your complexion will be dark and you will be attractive.

Behaviour Due to the presence of Rahu in second house, planets of Jupiter/Venus debt has been made. That’s why Rahu which is sitting here will destroy the results of Jupiter and Venus. Due to Rahu, waff will be in your talks. Sometime, you will become soft and sometime you will be hyper. Anything to say about you will be uncertain. You will speak loudly and will not talk without rebuke. You will like to play those games that may give you a lot of money for example gambling, playing cards. You will have special interest in eating and singing. You will love sweet and spicy food. You will be concern about your benefits but you will not care about other’s profit or loss.

Education and Employment: if Jupiter and Venus planets would be in a good position then you will be able to have higher education. If the condition of Jupiter or Venus would be low then you will not be able to complete your education. Due to the positive results of Rahu, you will be able to earn money for your livelihood. You can work related to share market, brokerage, race horses etc. Also, you may work related to betel, tobacco and narcotics. You would be rash to start every work but you will leave that work incomplete and will start another one. Your income will remain uncertain.

Family life:In your family, you will get less support from your siblings of same age group. Though not your fault, your family members would keep wrong perception towards you. The health of your life partner will not remain good. Ego will exist in your married life. You both will carry your attitude or ego due to which conflicts will be there. Because of your rude behavior, conflicts will increase or you may have to embarrasse in front of the society. Any of your family members can grab your family share, due to which you may have to go to the police station, court etc.

Health:Your health would not be good during childhood. You may get much injury. You may suffer from headach, blisters in mouth, may have pain in shoulders, if Rahu would be unlucky then you may have some defect in your leg.

Sinister: If the results of Rahu would be slow or unlucky then you will have a lot of spit in your mouth. You will talk loudly or with rebuke. You will not follow your family advices and you will handedness. The people, who will advice you, will become your enemy. You will not be able to avoid drugs and robbery. Lying would be in your nature. You will not be able to tolerate opposition of your family and wife. You may be avicted from the property. You will be interested in bad company and wrong work.
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