Rahu In Second House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Rahu in the second house in the annual chart is not good. It either makes the financial condition very strong or worst. Financial condition keeps changing like seasons and native feels financially insecure person. The native finds it difficult to get the support of family members also. Only patience & courage help him/her to face the financial crisis. But the contacts with high officials prove beneficial. Charity & welfare activities attract the native. Karma theory works better in this case; instead of relying on destiny one must keep doing his/her karmas honestly.

Rahu positioned in second house if is aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets destroys the happiness in family. One’s wealth & communication get affected badly. There will be loss if the native speculates or invest in lottery or Race course. There will be struggles, challenges & hurdles at every step. Destiny plays hide & seek and there is no growth in any area of life. Second Rahu is inauspicious for parents, in laws also. It creates mental tension throughout the year.

There are some precautions & remedial measures which help to negate the negative effects of malefic Rahu.
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