Rahu In Seventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Rahu in seventh house: Your Rahu is in the seventh house, due to which you have a speciality that your feet’s appears to be little bend and knees appears to be in upward direction. Your physique would be perfect and attractive for ladies.

Nature: You will be peace loving person and would be ideologically very neat and clean. Neither you will take interest in possessing another’s property nor will you allow anyone to possess your property. You will not like criticism and it will be very tough to calm you when you will angry. You will be good friend of needy persons and an enemy for bad people. You will not hesitate to take revenge from your opponents. Your childhood will be full of problems. Education and Employement: You will have extra ordinary intelligence and capability to do any task. Even after 25 years of age, you will be facing a lot of economical and mental problems. You should not hope for success in your profession till the age of 30 years. After that, you will get a pleasant time. You will be able to earn through professions like goldsmith, chemist and traveling agent. If there is a combination of Venus or Moon, you can become an artist, actor or laborer in a cloth mill. If Mars is with you, then you can become an astrologer or translator. If there is a combination of Sun and Mars, you can become a mechanical engineer.

Family life: Marital life would not be very conducive for you. Outsiders will think that you both are happy and balanced but internally, you both will not be happy. You will have doubt on your wife.

Health : Generaly, your health will be normal but human body suffers from diseases. Thus, you may suffer from abdomen disease, heart problem, piles, and sciatica. Doctors will not be able to diagnose your disease easily, so you will change your doctors very frequently.

Sinister: Seventh house is the permanent house of Venus and it becomes debt planet due to the presence of Rahu. Rahu sitting here is like prenatal curse. It creates a lot of troubles for the women. Dissatisfaction at home remains constant. People suffer from financial losses. Situations are always unstable and first wife can die or give divorce and your relationship will not be good with the second wife as well. Only physical relations are the purpose of such kind of marriages. You may suffer because of suspension from service, you may have to live at other’s house and relations with widow can tarnish your reputation.
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