Rahu In Sixth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Rahu in sixth house: Your Rahu is in the sixth house, so you would be tall and attractive. You would have a mark on your abdomen near the navel by birth.

Nature : Rahu in sixth house makes you intelligent and courageous. You will be very lucky and philanthropic. You will be able to tackle any kind of problem. Rahu sitting here will remove your troubles like a prisoner gets escape from death penalty. You will be very talkative and think unnecessary. You will make an issue of small matters. You will go abroad or will get work from abroad. You will love to eat food and you will be gourmand.

Medium of Education and Employment: Rahu in sixth house makes you intelligent. You will get wealth and popularity by your intelligency. You would have interest in sports like cricket, polo, hockey, kabaddi and wrestling etc. Also, you will be able to earn a lot from these games. You can earn a lot of money by doing work in the field of philosophy, religion, materialistic knowledge, and Ayurveda and medicianal plants.

Family life : You will live in a big and combined family. You will get affection and complete support from parents. You might not live with your parents after marriage. If your brothers and friends will hurt, then you will hurt more than them. There would be all kinds of luxurious items available in your house. Any obstacle can not stop your growth path for a long time. Your family would be happy, reputed and ideal.

Health : However Rahu in sixth house protects from all diseases and abstacles but dryness in mouth, mental disease etc can happen. You may have to face nuisance of epilepsy.

Sinister : if Rahu will give bad results then you may face problems created by ghosts. You will confront your parents. You will lose your children. Money will be destroyed. Any work will give you negative results. Suddenly, you will lose wealth and you will know this later. You will defeat your enemies by following wrong ways. You will try to earn money by corruption, black marketing, and lottery etc. Due to evil Rahu, your disease will not be traced lately or will get the wrong treatment. You will not be able to get success in court matters and you may have to change your job or profession repeatedly.
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