Rahu In Tenth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Rahu in tenth house: Your Rahu is in the tenth house, so you will be lean, short, have scary face, unattractive. You will be selfish and would have strange behavior.

Nature: You would be friendly and cheerful. You will be determined by nature as you will surely do, whatever you will decide to do. You would have regular and friendly nature. You will be ascetic and altruistic. You will be much interested in meditation. You will be interested in worshipping God Shiva, Kal Bhairva and reading Hanuman Chalisa. You will get peace by doing all this. You will be successful in all competitions and any competitor will not be able to sustain in front of you. You would be very talkative and articulate.

Means of Education and Employment: You would have troubles in getting education. There will be trouble in the last year of your education. Despite of having good command over all subjects, there will be trouble in getting certificate. Due to the favourable presence of Rahu, you will be renowned, intelligent and hardworking. You will have much knowledge of poetry writing and law.You can do job in police department, railways, insurance company or bank etc. Your financial situation remains unstable. You don’t get trust of people. You will be benefited in independent profession or in the business without capital. Here, the situation of Rahu would be according to Saturn. If Saturn will be favouable then Rahu will also give positive results.

Family life: You will use rented house and vehicle. Your parents will suffer from physical or economic problems since your birth. Your mother will suffer from heart disease or any other disease for lifetime. You will not be able to get much love from your father. It may take time to become a householder. If you will get married before 27 years of age then there are chances of divorse. Thus, you should not get married before the age of 27 years. You may get success in the field of politics.

Health: Your health will be good but you should keep control on your appetite. You would easily be affected through black magic and vampire barrier.

Sinister: The situations of Rahu will depend upon Saturn. Due to the presense of untoward situation, you will have to face tough and struggling life. Your body will suffer pain. There will be uncertainity in the business. You will change many works. You will always have lack of profit and much expense. Your father may have to take pention due to incapacitate or your parents may die during childhood. You may get scepter. You may have to leave your country to seek refuge abroad.
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