Rahu In Tenth House (Annual Predictions)

When Rahu is positioned in tenth house in the annual chart, one takes keen interest to join politics. Either he/ himself goes in the politics or support that party through which he gains. His popularity increases in the masses with his magnetic personality & flattering skills he attracts the people around him. All the opponents become his friends. Life span of father increases and one gets the higher position. The native receives name & fame from every side. Business of items used in wrestling ring gives excellent results. New creative ideas will come in the mind & successfully executed during that year. Rahu in this position bestows one with position, prestige, Power, wealth popularity & victory in election.

But same Rahu becomes negative if is aspected or conjuncted by malefic planets. One faces family opposition, friends become hostile and there will be loss of wealth, which will cause mental tension. By the end of that year the native will experience opposition, enmity, loss of prestige, post, legal hassles and punishment by the higher authorities. There will be turmoil in all relations.
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