Rahu In Third House (Natal Chart Reading)

Rahu in third house: Your Rahu is in the third house, due to which you will be taller or wider body else you will be too thin or will be of normal proportions.

Nature: You will be much more self-confident and fearless in nature. You will be much proudy and you wouldn’t have big friend circle. You will experience joy in making fun of people. You would have evil nature as well as you will be quite by nature. You would like to follow present trend or fashion. You would have the capability to take work from others according to your preference. You will be intelligent. You will not be a scary person. You will be able to achieve your goal. You would not like to go court for settlement. You would make good relations with the smoothie people.

Education and Employment: Because of your education and achievements of science, you will get wealth, fame and prestige. You may do work related to wood, tools and writing. Business of raw coal will be beneficial for you. You may earn good income in the business of travel agency, vehicles, musical instruments, ear-related equipment, etc. You will be able to earn the most wealth and you will be known as a very rich person in the society.

Family life: You will not be able to stay with your brothers due to fight and quarrel. Your brother may die due to shock or he may be missing. You will give love and respect to your family. You would prefer settlement without going to the court. The existence of Rahu in the third house is not favourable for brothers as two brothers will not be able to grow together. You may have step mother and your father's condition may worse in the age of 21. You should not marry before the age of 27 otherwise, you will not be able to get happy married life.

Health: You may have cough and blood sugar disorders. You may suffer from asthma and tuberculosis in the ears.

Sinister: If Rahu is unlucky and if inauspicious Instrumental is placed at your home then Rahu’s result would be untoward. As a result of this, you will become talkative and characterless.Your ego would generate enemies. You will be never satisfied with your wife and will make relations with other woman and will suffer from many diseases. You will not be able to complete your studies. You will lose land in disputes. You will not be able to get any kind of support or benefit from your father and your beloved would become your enemy. You would have to do work hard to earn a living.
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