Rahu In Twelfth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Rahu in twelfth house: As your Rahu is in the twelfth house, you will be middle sized in respect of height and body. You will have wide body.

Nature: You will be very sharp minded and live in dreamy world. Your insight would be very sharp. You will be able to realize future incidents in present. You may have to suffer from mental harassment because you will inculcate small things told by someone. You will enjoy tasty food. In dressing, you would not have any special choice. You will not be able to trust on closed ones easily. But, when you will trust on someone then it would not be easy to take you far from that person. Very little failure of your’s planning or thinking would make you sad.

Medium of Education and Employment: You will have to leave your family to go in North for livelihood. You will have good luck in other state as Rahu sitting here does not give benefit at birthplace. Despite of studying and living in abroad, you will believe that your culture is best. You will be famous and mighty. You will be able to achieve glory. You would have many pleasures, due to which you would not have to look at others. You will be interested in consumption. You will earn more as well as spend more. You will start earning income in the age of 21 or 23 years.

Family life: If Rahu would be in your favour then your family life would be very good. You will get married in a rich family. Your in –laws house will be near to your house. You can work along with your in laws. You will not be able to get help from your family as per your expectations. You will not have good relation with your elder siblings but you will enjoy healthy relation with your younger siblings. You will spend a lot to show sublimity. You will have one or two child. Your wife may remain ill even then you will have women happiness. You may live away from your family in abroad for livelihood.

Health: The main problem you would have is insomnia otherwise your health will be fine. If Saturn is evil and you want to become hermit through yoga practices then you will become handicapped. If you would want to achieve Siddhi through eyes then you will be blind. If you will try to achieve through mind then you will become mad. In the same way, if will try to achieve by standing on one leg then will become lame.

Sinister: Due to the existence of evil Rahu in the twelfth house, you will be roisterer and would like to make use of secret tips. You will not concentrate towards policy immorality. As a result of this, you will have to suffer from economic crises or problems repeatedly. Also, you may have to suffer from money loss or accidentally casualty in abroad. You will have the fear of injury. You will be worried about family. However, income will be limited, expenses will be more.
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