Remedies for Jupiter In Sixth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Offer water to the sun.

2. Wear gold on your body.

3. Do not sell gold during your life-time.

4. If you stay in south facing house then tie a silver wire on the frame of the main entrance. This will enable the moon to reduce the bad impact of sun.

5. Have a waterfall on the northern side of your house or office.

6. Mix Curd (thing of the Venus) with your bathing water and take bath with the same.

7. Do not donate your old clothes.

8. Feeding the cows with green fodder and sweet bread will bring happiness in your married life.

9. Gift god Vishnu with yellow sandal wood teeka.

10. Fill any vessel with pure water and put a square silver piece inside and cover the same with a lid and keep it in your house.

11. Wear gold or gold jewelry.

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