Saturn In Eighth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Saturn in the eight house of the annual chart is good for export & import business. Those who are in this business get financial benefits in that year. One’s interest in new subjects of research is enhanced. One takes interest in spiritualism, mysterious occult sciences and related subjects. The new resources of income will suddenly come on the way. The relations with high officials will get strengthened which will prove beneficial later on. The native may spend this year in the foreign land. Partnership business & travels yields fruitful results.

If Saturn is either aspected or conjuncted by malefic planets, one may face mental & physical pain in that year. If Rahu is in debilitation in the chart, it may cause injury by accident. The native may get injury in lower part of the body. Marital life is spoiled. Malefic Saturn may cause life threatening diseases like cancer, TB, Aids or breathing problems. The acute pain which started from back side neck till toes will be suffered by the native in that year. The financial condition of the native becomes instable, financial crunch might be faced due to theft and loss in business.
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