Saturn In Eleventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Saturn in eleventh house- Your Saturn is in the eleventh house, due to which you will have medium sized body, wide cheek and red lean lips.

Behavior- You will be quite person. You will listen to all silently with concentration. You will not be in hurry to reach at any conclusion. You will do that with wide mapping. Your own people will make you fool many times but you will enjoy becoming fool and you will try to pretend innocence.

You will be able to get respect from others. You will be religious by nature and you will do the study of the scriptures and will use them as a discourse on others.

You will be very brave. You would like to watch horror serials and films from childhood. People will trust you and you will be respected from others.

You will have special choice in dressing. You would like to wear dresses of your choice from childhood.

You will not be a quick temper but loud talk will be your habit, due to which some people will think that you have proud.

Education and Employment-You will be retentive. In any subject, you will attract a grip. You can get a higher education at an early age.

English, Hindi and Science will be your favorite subjects and you will choose that subject in which much work would be of speaking. That’s why, you can become a teacher.

You will be interested in politics also and if you will stand in election then you will surely win. You will be benefited from political state system. You will be liked by society and friends.

You can be successful in technology and finance related work. In business, you can go for wood work, interior decoration, wedding pandal designing, cars outer and interior decoration, motor race related work etc.

Family life- you will have good tuning with your elder brother and sister. All will love you a lot and you will also work with other’s advice.

You will be interested in love relationships. You can go for love marriage. If your family agrees then you will not face any problem. Your wife probably will fail in making rapport with your family. But, you will be able to make everyone’s happy with your attractive talks.

You will get vehicle access. You will get property from your parents.

Health – you may suffer from injury in knees, bone breaking, tooth breakage due to an accident, Arthritis and Petri.

Sinister – Due to the bad effects of Saturn, there will be obstacles in higher education and career, struggle in job and business and will hard to get back the money loaned.

You will have lack of married happiness and child related concern. Your marriage will be delayed and love will be unsuccessful.

You will be expected to deception by the nearby person. Due to expensive nature, it is expected that you may face loan like problems.
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