Saturn In Fifth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Saturn in fifth house: As your Saturn in the fifth house, you will be tall and healthy. You would have big face and big eyes.

Behavior: You would have good nature and will do any kind of task with zeal. You will not like any dishonesty in the religious matters. You will fear from sin. You may have some bad habits like you will be loquacious and you would have thinking that you are always right and you will be held in contempt. You would have large friend circle but you will not be able to continue your friendship for the long run. You would have a few true friends.

Due to the position of Saturn in the fifth house, you would have control on your spending as you will not spend too much and because of this reason, people may think about you that you are miser. You will be very brave and excited person. You would have harsh affirm. You would like to say everything according to the scriptures. You will not tolerate if anyone take a finger on you. You will eat whatever you will get in food. You will fully adhere to the old traditions. You will be an unfazed person and you will be a hard worker. You will believe in reality.

Medium of Education and Employment: placement of Saturn in the fifth house will give you good mind. Your mind will be steady and severe. You may study the subjects of social science, economics and astrology. Also, you will be able to successfully complete your technical education. You will be kind of naïve king but you will make your life with your sharp mind and pride. Due to Saturn, you would have enough money but it does not mean that you will be a rich person. You will be able to complete your desires.

Family Life: You will have a big family. Perhaps, you will not be able to get your mother’s happiness however you will get the love from others in the family. You will have to struggle a lot in life. You will find very favorable life partner. He/she will support you at every moment of life. You may face some problem in getting the child. Your first child may not well. You will give birth to a boy and a girl after sometime. You will be worried in respect of your child’s health and education. Saturn is very favorable for your daughter and she will get good education.

Health: Your health will be good but in the older age you may have complain of knee pain, cancer, lump in the body and pain in throat and ear.

Sinister: due to the bad results of Saturn, you will not be able to get satisfaction from your wife. You will always be involved with other ladies in order to get satisfaction. You will be attached with other ladies and it might also be possible that you will have one more wife. You will have conflicts with your wife and you will ignore her suggestions. Evil Saturn will also affect your wife’s health. You will be troubled in respect of your business. You will not be able to earn money in the field in which you will get the technical education. Once, you mace face the financial problems in life and at that time, the people around you will also leave you alone. You will not be benefited from Government related work or you may face some difficulties. If you are in job then you will be worried about your promotion.
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