Saturn In Fifth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Saturn in the fifth house of annual chart is good. The native gets benefits in law and order matters. The native is tilled ‘innocent king’. There will be behavioral changes. Gradually the native will be sincere & partial. He would like justice. His shrewdness and restlessness well disappear. There will be birth of child in the family. The year will bring the good news for the singletons. Marriage proposals may get materialized for them. This position of Saturn will enhance name, fame and prestige in the society and native’s wisdom in that year. There will be many inter states, foreign travels and pilgrimages too. One will get the support of the spouse & the ownership of the parental property. One may become proud & arrogant.

If Saturn in either aspected or conjuncted by malefic planets, one may suffer due to high blood pressure. The native will be troubled by children or children will get affected. Depression and gloominess will take over the native. One’s prestige & wealth will be at stake. There will be ups & downs in income. There may be many hurdles in government related work. One may be punished by the government. Marital life will get disturbed. There will be difference of opinion with the spouse & health issues will trouble throughout the year.
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