Saturn In First House (Natal Chart Reading)

Saturn in first phase: Because of Saturn, your eyes will be small but eyesight would be good. Your hair will be of black color. You may be of medium height. Your face color does not matter whether it is fair or not as you will be attractive always.

Nature: You will not like too much talking but whatever you will speak that would be meaningful. You will be of reserve nature due to which you will not be able to express your happiness towards others.

You will not believe on others easily as you are doubtful sometimes and have a good understanding of world. But you would use this for your own sake and will not involve in others matters. Because of Saturn, you will be full of self esteem.

Education and Employment medium: You will be very genius person. You would be able to earn good money whether your education is high or low. You will be full of efforts. You will do many things in life that will bring you prosperity. Saturn’s tenth sight is tenth house that is of business’s house. Tenth house is Saturn’s complete house. So, this also symbolizes prosperity and success in the field of business. Saturn is an enthusiastic planet. Thus, you will like to achieve heights in business and to a great extent, you will achieve it.

You will be interested in the field of politics and also you will get some success in the related field.

If you are working somewhere then you will be praised by your officers and you will get support from your juniors.

Family and Social Life: The Saturn sat in the seventh house sees through seventh sight. This seventh house also relates with your life partner. So, your married life would not be as much satisfied. You will have disputes with your wife and the joy will reduce in form of your life partner. You will have a feeling of dissatisfaction even if your partner has a good and jolly nature. You both would be engage in family disputes and fights. You will rarely get support of your father. You will remain far from him due to some reason. May be you would be nurtured by your mother. You would be very responsible. You will manage your family with great understanding and care and you will fulfill your promises.

Health: Your health will remain good but sometimes you may suffer from headache, backache and neck ache.

Sinister: Saturn is the planet of sins. If Saturn itself begins to give bad results then it would be difficult to lead life. If Saturn is in bad phase then you would not get married. If you will get married then your life partner may die before time. Or you both may get separated. In nutshell, you will not be able to get marriage satisfaction.

The medium for business and earning would stop. You will try to get money through cheating also. You will not get satisfied by your financial condition and you will be greedy to make more money. As per your efforts, you will not get results. You will have to do a lot of efforts to get mental piece and need to give yourself a kind of sympathy.
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