Saturn In First House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Saturn in the first house of the annual chart generates logical power which will increase the reasoning capabilities of the native in that year. The native is able to put forward his/ her logic efficiently in front of his/ her subordinates, higher authorities, family members & among the people around. The social circle, and gets success to prove his/ her point. People will take him seriously. The native will get popularity. If the native is in the job, one will attain support & prestige through the high officials. If the native joins the politics, he attains victory. There will be success in all areas of life along with the financial prosperity. Spiritual interest of the native gets enhanced.

Saturn gets afflicted if it is either aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets. In this case, all the auspiciousness of Saturn will turn into inauspiciousness. People from all strata of society will be hostile towards the native, following by criticism and embarrassment. There will be fall in prestige. Friends will only play like enemy. There may be orders of confiscation from the government. Troubles from the progeny, diseases in the eyes, loss of ancestral wealth, health hazards & over expenses will also be experienced. Accomplished works will get spoiled.

To ward off the inauspiciousness of malefic Saturn one must follow some remedies & take precautions.
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