Saturn In Fourth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Saturn in fourth house in the annual chart of the native increases domestic happiness. One enjoys his/ her own constructed house. There will be marital happiness. There may be extension in the family / birth of the child. Guests keep dropping throughout the year. Plans of foreign travel get fructified in that year which will prove beneficial to the native. One may decide to settle on the foreign land. One gets benefits if he is in travel/tourism business. One’s father receives the national/ state honor. Business related to medicine or manufacturing of medicine gives ample opportunities to earn substantial amount of money. The native may establish extra marital relations. Wealth, property, house and vehicle all these areas of life will be enriched in that year.

It Saturn is either aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets, auspiciousness of Saturn gets afflicted. One may face stomach related diseases. Extra marital relation will spoil the family happiness. If native constructs the house it may trouble mother and maternal uncle. Stranger’s wife or a widow may be the cause of family ruin. One’s parents will suffer badly. Black insects which are considered inauspicious & omen of bad luck will be generated in the house. The native might have kidney problems. Debts will increase if there is partnership business. One will be mentally tensed due to the domestic issues .
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