Saturn In Ninth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Saturn in ninth house- Your Saturn is in the ninth house, due to which you will be dark and tall.

Behavior- you will be cool headed and cool looking person. You will not express your emotions by your face. However, your emotions would express by your eyes.

You will be religious and conservative-minded. You will honestly follow the religion.

You will hate injustice and to be conservative. You will be able to assess the situation.

You will be able to predict any unpleasant situation.

Your mind will be firmly resolved. The work you want to do, you will do that with complete devotion.

You will be able to achieve results after the tremendous efforts. You will be hard working and will not expect reward.

You will like loneliness. You will not like noise. You will escape from the crowds. Because of this reason, you will roam around inaccessible, isolated places and religious places.

Medium of Education and Employment- Saturn is of old fashioned, that’s why you can get history and museum related education.

You can play the role of guru. You may become lawyer and justice, dharma guru, newspaper editor and writer.

Due to the Saturn, you will have interest in spy, astrology and black magic.

You may earn money from classical music and hymns.

You may earn money in merchandising. You will be able to earn by secret means as well.

Family life- You will be loyal and responsible person towards your family. You would like to honestly follow all customs and traditions of your family. You will get full support from your family.

Your wife will be religious and loyal towards you. She would be the women, who will run on ideals. She would be ideal women in children’s upbringing. Her devotion towards in-laws would make a record.

You may have to face protest from your child. There is a possibility that your child may not follow your customs and traditions and there could be differences in views between you and your child.

Health- You may suffer from headache, cold, skin diseases, deafness or joint pain.

Sinister- due to the negative effects of Saturn, you will be fast, flickering and mouthy. You will not stick at one place to work. Slacker and laziness will be your character.

Your will have feeling of taking revenge from others. Also, you will give advice to your child to take revenge from others. You would like to take your revenge with the help of your child.

Due to the negative results of Saturn, there would be some bad happening in your house like fire, theft and robbery. Fuel goods or old wood will be there in your house as a junk. You will make the use of religion to make money and religious money could misappropriate the funds and so on. These habits will make your Saturn negative.

Note- If there is a dark chamber at the back of your house and if you built skylight to light in that then you will ruin everything within the three years.
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