Saturn In Ninth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Saturn in ninth house of the annual chart of the native gives unexpected financial gains. Many travels take place in that year. Faith in religion and spiritualism is enhanced. The native becomes sensitive. There will be sufficient amount of wealth and grains with the native. Friends, relatives & associates are co-operative and bestow happiness & benefits. Happiness through children is increased. The native works like a justice throughout the year. Co-operation & support of the administration, high officials & masses boost up the confidence. The native will fulfill all disuses related to land/ vehicle in that year.

If, Saturn is either afflicted or aspected by malefic planets one may face problems by opponents & many unwanted elements of the society. The native’s interest in astrology will make him/ her to wander aimlessly and for futile expenses. The malefic influence of Saturn will give mental & financial strain to the native. From health point of view too, the year may not be good.

One must follow some precautions and remedies to cast off the malefic effect of afflicted Saturn.
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