Saturn In Second House (Natal Chart Reading)

Saturn in second house: If Saturn is in the second house then the individual would have attractive features. You would have medium height, having a long nose, will have tendency to turn eyes round, broad shoulders, and small legs. You would have a decent behavior, thin body and sometimes fatty also.

Nature: You would have tough nature and would have a religious kind of mind. You will believe in old traditions, and fully devoted towards religion, and would like to help unhappy people. You would dislike wrong things. No one can change your decisions. You will hate those people, who will try to interfere in your work. You will deny every advice if it hurts your ego. You will rely on your heart rather than mind. You are ready to sacrifice your life for your beloved ones.

You will accept truth rather than lie. You are social person and would have a strong desire to live. You will not look too good by looks. Even if you will look like fool but you would be very much strong by health and mind. May be you do not look after yourselves much but you will be fond of eating.

Education and employment medium: If you will take responsibility of any work, then you will try to finish it within the time. You will be all rounder. You will have to face failure by the method of your work. You will get success if you evaluate your worth. Any kind of world power would not stop you from achieving your goals. You should not be fear of your failure; else you should find a way to cope with them.

Though you will not good education but you will give examples of being extraordinary by your knowledge. You may get money suddenly. You will be laborious and will do your work in seconds. You may do work related to foreign language, science, technical, farming, business, worker, and any effortful work. You may also do the work of religious and holy books, or a shop having all the assets for religious prayer.

Family Life: You would have a big family with your uncle but you would not get your father’s support for a long time. You will love to stay with your wife and children but circumstances will not allow you to do so. You will expect some kind of trait or quality in your wife so that she would be independent. If your marriage is done without having the help of priest then you may not lead a satisfied and successful marriage life and you will doubt on your wife. Your wife will love to spend time in her family and your in-laws will not rich.

Health: If there is a sinister affect of Saturn on you then you may get voice problem, skin problem, swelling in throat, constipation, and gas problem, pain in legs and foot, and neck ache.

Sinister: If Saturn is having faults of enemies then your one foot is at hospital and other remains at grave. You may become habitual of theft, speaking lie, abusing and crying. Also you may not want to return others money. You will not be liked by anyone in your home and family. You may get sudden money loss, and may be harm by your in-laws. You will have disputes with your mother-in –law. You will be having your child phase weak. Due to the sins of Saturn, you will be habitual of eating paan, tobacco and gutkha.
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