Saturn In Second House (Annual Predictions)

When Saturn is positioned in the second house of the annual chart, the behavior of the native becomes ethical. He/ she promises to leave all bad habits and short comings in that year. There will be concern for the family. Increase of property and gains through existing property are likely. The native is capable to solve any complicated issues with ease. Friends will seek native’s advice. There will be expenses on auspicious and religious deeds, interest in spiritualism shall enhance. He/she will be more determined person. Coal, Leather, machinery & house related business yield beneficial results. The person who seems to be idiot will prove intelligent by sheer of good luck. The ratio of earning and expenses will be same throughout the year.

If Saturn is either aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets, in that case native’s educational goals remains incomplete or he/she has to leave the work in between. That particular year will prove inauspicious for in-laws family. Machinery, Motor, Vehicles will become out of order and those who are doing business of machines will face the financial losses. Intoxication and related items will interest the native. Health of mother will get affected. Transaction of money will get delayed, which may cause serious financial crisis in that year.
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