Saturn In Seventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Saturn in seventh house- As your Saturn in the seventh house, you will be thin. Your complexion will be fair and stature will be medium.

Behavior- You will be an innocent and scary person. You would not be frank in order to present your views. You would always think about other’s mood and you will always hesitate. You will not like slavery and being under pressure of anyone.

You will be an orthodox person but you will not blindly trust in the religion or superstitions. You will respect all casts and religions equally.

You will be a suspicious person. You will think too much before doing any work and you will doubt on every person because you will be cheated many times.

You will love to travel and roam around and you will be benefited by these travels.

Education and Employment-You will be highly qualified. You will be mastered in a specific subject and might become a teacher. You will be a good speaker too. You will participate and win in several debate competitions.

You should avoid business in partnership. Partners can ditch you.

You will spend much time in court so you can become a lawyer by studying law subject. Also, you can do business related to cosmetics, iron, timber, pulses, cotton, oil, seeds etc. Family Life-Your family life will be good. You will get the love of your parents and younger sister. But you may have differences with your elder brother. There is a possibility of stressful situation at your home. You may be offended by your spouse. Your wife will hardly agree with your views. Chances of divorce are also there but because of your deftness it can be averted.

Behavior- You may have heat spots on your face. You may find difficulty in giving birth to a child or your wife may have to face problems like miscarriage, pre-mature delivery or women issue.

Sinister-If Saturn will unfavorable then your wedding will be interrupted. You will be in live-in relationship without getting married. You will be discredited in the society. You may get separated by your family.

If you will get married then your spouse will be much elder or much younger than you. You both will share differences in your social status as well.

Because of evil Saturn, you will not be able to share happiness of home, household and you will not be benefited in business.

You will easily forget goodness of others. You will think that you are very clever and intelligent. Greediness will increase in you and you will follow wrong steps for better earning but you will not be able to make much money.
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