Saturn In Seventh House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Saturn in the seventh house of annual chart casts auspiciousness in professional fields. The new creative business ventures are made and many professional travels take place in that year. The native achieves unexpected professional success. Determination & self confidence is maintained throughout the year. The richer person is tagged as ‘wealthy person’. The native becomes clever & long lived. Happiness through property / house is increased. One is capable to earn money by his/ her sharp eye & intelligence. He/ she may not get the ancestral property but inflow of income is increased to substantial level. There will be desired benefits through the business related to coal, iron, oil, petrol & machinery etc.

If, Saturn is either aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets it spoils the almost accomplished works. There will be futile expenses on meaningless travels. Health of Native’s spouse gets affected. There will be lack of initiative and determination in the native. Doubts & suspicions will take over the native. The relationships with the partners will also get spoiled. There will be loss in business, and if in job, one may face demotion in place of promotion. It is also quite possible that legal matters make him/ her run to court. Loss of prestige or embarrassment due to false allegation or accusation in the family or society will be faced by the native.
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