Saturn In Sixth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Saturn in sixth house- You will be tall, lean and you will have a long head. You will not be beautiful or ugly. You will have normal features.

Behavior- You will be clever while talking with someone but you will be sad after hearing even stranger’s suffering as you will be emotional by heart. Due to the presence of Saturn in the sixth house, you will have many enemies but they will not be able to harm you and your behavior will change them.

You will be religious and will do good work. You will spend money in auspicious work. So, even being lavish, you will not face financial problems and your money will go on rising. You will love to do exercise or will do related sports like going gym, doing weight lifting, doing yoga and so on. You will like truth and in any kind of situation, you will always support truth.

Medium of Education and Employment- Your senses will be fantastic. Your education may remain incomplete. You can become a mechanic or can get technical education. You will have knowledge of scripture astrologer and you can earn income through astrology. Also, sixth house is related to our job in place of business. Thus, you will get success in job rather than business. Your higher authorities will respect you and lower authority will be happy with your behavior. You will succeed in the work of insurance company. Your income will always be less than your needs. You can work in jail or hospital. You may do any sort of hard working job, agricultural business.

Family life – Saturn will not be favorable for your father. He may face financial problem at the end period of his life. You may get separated from your family otherwise you will have to struggle for your share in family. If you will get married before the age of 28, you will not be able to get happiest married life. Your wife will be sick but will serve you wholeheartedly. You will face many difficulties related to wealth.

Health- your body will be healthy but due to the evil Saturn, you may suffer from many diseases like cough, bile, ulcers, cancer, and asthma, and bone disease, lack of calcium, hair fall, paralysis, and leprosy.

Sinister- Due to the side effects of Saturn, you will always feel lonely. You will not be able to get success in any work. Sitting at home will be your compulsion. You will not be able to do job and business as you will not have education for job and will not have money for business. Even, if you will arrange the money for business, you will not get success. You will take care of everyone at your home but there is nobody to take care of you. Family members will maintain relation with you only for their own benefit else they will drop you like mosquito from milk. Evil Saturn may create circumstances like you may have to roam around court due to any police case or you may face govt. obstacles. You will enjoy doing secret tasks. You would like to do black music and Cemeteries siddi.
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