Saturn In Tenth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Saturn in tenth house- Your medium stature will be proportional heavy. Your eyes will be very attractive.

Behavior- You will be a scholar and will be respected in the society. You will be known in each area.

You will be religious person. You will have the ability to handle multiple tasks at the same time. You will have executive qualification.

You will be the owner and activist too. You will not differentiate between owner and activist. According to you, all will be same. You will complete your work intelligently while sitting with your subordinate employees.

You will believe in clean atmosphere. You will not like those people, who don’t believe in cleanliness. You would not even hesitate to punctuate the scrappy people. You will be ejaculatory after looking at people’s condition and you will try to help them at anyhow. You will like to eat clean and tasty food.

Your smile will be enough to attract people and once attracted, it would be tough to forget you.

Education and Employment- You will be scholar and famous in your family. You will love to do the work related to devotion and rights. You will be interested in fine arts. You will be proficient in Painting, craft, pottery, tailor’s work like embroidery, sewing. You can become proficient in any work, which you want to do and it would be your specialty. Nothing will be impossible for you. Generally, your time will be variable till the age of 30. Stability will come into your life between 30 to 45 years of age.

You are suitable for work related to engineering and technology. You may be associated with petroleum and oil production.

Family life- You will have good relation with your father. You would like to tell all your needs and desires first of all to your father rater than your mother. There will be ideological differences between you and your mother.

Your married life will be exceptionally well. Your wife will be full of good qualities and will be obedient. Still, you will have interest or relations with other ladies.

Behavior- you may suffer from Tuberculosis, heart diseases, indigestion etc. In older age, you may suffer from problem in bones, pain in knees and ankles.

Sinister- if the result of Saturn will be slow due to any planet then your wife will not be able to do work in home or outside means she will not be able to do any kind of physical or mental work at home. So, you will have to do both household and job related work. As a result of this, you will be mentally exhausted but you will be able to fulfill your responsibility brilliantly.

You may get irritate sometime. Even after working so hard, you will be able to add money as per your subsistence. In that condition, you will be angry from God and you will curse God for this.

You will remain karma yogi in your whole life. Due to the slow result of Saturn, if you did not work sticking at one place and roam around for employment then you will have to face a lot of economic problems. You may crave for food as well.
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