Saturn In Tenth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Saturn in tenth house in the annual chart will make busy to the native in government and state related works. Honor, rewards & awards on state level will be bestowed to the native. The hard efforts will bring progress in career. The native should not be much running around and try for changes in career, One stable job will prove beneficial. If the native takes interest in politics, one’s oratory skills will be enhanced. The felling of welfare of nation and masses will take place in the mind. Longevity of father will increase. Para-Sciences like magic, tantra-mantra will attract the native. Business of metals especially gold & silver will yield fruitful results.

If Saturn is afflicted being aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets one will face insulting comments, which may cause loss of prestige. Lottery, speculation business will also bring financial loss. Debts will increase legal hassles and disputes will be faced. There may be separation from parents and relations with the spouse will also get strained, Unfavorable circumstances might be faced in business. The native will wander alone aimless here & there.
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