Saturn In Third House (Natal Chart Reading)

Saturn in Third House: As your Saturn is in the third house, you will be an ordinary person having a strong physique.

Nature: Saturn sitting in the third house makes you deep inside and you will be quiet and innovative. Because of these qualities, you may develop intellectual traits which will help you to make your mind concentrated. Even, if you are engaged in any field, you will not find hindrances in your way because of your calm and quiet nature. You would have a few true and loyal friends and you will help your friends at any time.

Education and Employment: You will be an intelligent person. You will have a great intellectual power. Saturn sees the fifth house through its third sight of third house. The fifth house is of son, mind and education. You will be able to get technical education and you will be benefited through chemistry, chemical, labor related work, police and engineering department. It is mostly found that if you are studying subjects which need a great knowledge and highly concentrated minds then you will be able to achieve heights in that field like astrology and travels, you may get a respected place in army.

Family Life: You will have a successful marriage life as your wife would be a quiet and calm lady. But may be her and your mother’s thinking will not match. Even your wife may become disappointed, if you will help your brothers and sisters. But she would be able to lead her married life well besides from her in-laws. You will be blessed by a home and your own vehicle. Your stars say that you will have your own home after the age of 32.

Health: Your health would be fine and you will provide shelter to other people. There is a chance in your lifetime that you may get injured, so drive carefully. You may suffer from diabetes. You may have problem in ear, backbone or knee too.

Sinister: If your Saturn has bad effects then you will be happy in destroy others plan and you will even do wrong for those, who have helped you. If Saturn is in the third house then door in east or south direction will definitely give bad results. There may be three deaths at your house one by one. Your father may die from a long disease that would be due to the evil Saturn. You will be worried because of your brothers as they will hurt you because of many reasons. You may come across a situation many times that you gone through a financial loss that increases trouble and challenge of your life. You may have physical relationship with many women. You will feel good to spend your time outside rather than at your home. Your interest in religion will fade and you will use it for your personal greed and will make people fool with the help of the mask of religion.
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