Saturn In Third House (Annual Predictions)

When Saturn is positioned in third house of the annual chart. One’s courage & initiative powers increase. He/ she takes no time to accomplish the most difficult task. He/ she will be full of enthusiasm. He/ she feels creative, more concentrated in work and has solid practical view points which help to make successful all works in time. The native will get the support & help even by strangers. There will be gains through government & support from the high official too. Eyes will be sharp like an eagle. The native who has Saturn in third house in annual chart is capable to destroy others work & getting done his/ her own work by steady approach. There will be chances to construct the house in that year. The native will not feel the lack of wealth & material happiness throughout the year. Some amount from owns earnings will be spent on religious deeds. One may enjoy the journey by luxurious vehicles or will be the owner of best vehicle.

But afflicted Saturn gives reverse results. It is in the case when Saturn in third house is either aspected or conjuncted with malefic planetss. One becomes hyper- active and wastes his/ her energy, time and money in futile work. There may be rift with the brothers. Unexpected loss of money or theft in the house may take place. Legal disputes may occur in this period. Many Travels which have no purpose and benefit will take place. The native may face problems related to land/ property & vehicle.

Friends & relatives may insult the native. Cash money will not stay for long time. One may have fear of dog bite.
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