Saturn In Twelfth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Saturn in twelfth house- As your Saturn is in the twelfth house, you will be attractive and innocent looking person. You will have congenital magnetic power in your eyes. If you see someone by the smiling face then he/she will leave everything and will become your slave.

Behavior- You will behave equally with rich or poor people. You will be clean by heart and you will not hurt anyone.

There would be only one drawback in your behavior that you will be quick tempered person. But it will not be for the long time.

You will not hesitate to die for the persons, who will love you. Along with this, you will be angry if someone will hurt you. Yu will have intelligence, knowledge and individuality.

You will be proficient in compelling speech. You will be able to achieve high position by defeating enemies. You will be longing for sexual pleasure and will always like to accompany women.

Education and Employment- You may be proficient in many subjects at a time. Though, you will not be highly educated but your knowledge will not be less than a highly educated person.

You will be interested in fine arts and you will be capable in making detailed project report and writing books.

You can do work related to building construction, building material, hospital goods, goods for jailors and agricultural tools etc.

Due to exceptional qualification and capacity, you will be radiant in your area. Laziness will not have any significance in your life. When you will determine to do any work then you will surely complete that work. You will not be disappointed in the event of failure.

Family life- One side, you will appreciate your father’s humanism and religious ethics and on the other side, you both will have differences in your views. And, you will not get any benefit from your father. Your childhood will be normal. Your married life will be fine. Though, in the beginning, there would be some differences between your wife and your family but all will be fine as the time passes.

Your child will be your money. Your child will be intelligent and will respect you. You will have son and you will be gem in your family.

Health- You would have good health but you will be careless towards your health. You will consult the doctor only when you will suffer from serious sickness. There may be possibilities that you may suffer from paralysis, stomach problems, piles and hernia disease.

Sinister: If your Saturn is negative then you will have a habit of cheating, whether you will belong to the rich family.

You will not have good relations with your family as well as relatives due to the evil Saturn. You will hate them and will get their money by doing fraud.

Because of the bad Saturn, you will face some problem in spine born, due to which, you will even not be able to stand straight.
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