Sun In Eighth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Sun in the Eighth house – Since the sun is in your eighth house you will have an average height with bright shiny eyes. You will not be very fair or very dark. Everybody will get impressed by you. You will be a modest person.

Nature – Your nature will be of a religious person. You have complete faith in your religion and you will remain committed to whatever you have said and you will go all out to complete whatever that you have committed. Because of the presence of the sun in the eighth house you tend to get angry very fast. You will get angry on small issues which will not be good for you.

You will ignore the members of your house to help others. You will not be benefitfrom your clever wellbeing. You will at the forefront to participate in social work. You will like undertaking journeys and trips.

You will be superstitious. You will be suspicious and therefore you will have to face losses because of this.

A person who has their sun in the eighth house is generally benevolent to everyone. But these people never get the opulence for the work that they have done.

Academics and employment options – You will be educated from a recoganised school and university. You can even join the armed forces. You will have interest in subjects like science, paravidya, astrology, or research.

You will also have inclination towards arts, music and dance. You will benefit from foreign citizen, foreign language and foreign country. You can benefit from exports of antiques.

You will never benefit from work related to Saturn like wood, machinery etc.

You will benefit from the trade of diamond and precious stones. If you engage in agriculture or farming you will have benefits but your wife would be sick. If you will be in job then jobs of travelling will be a suitable one for you. You can be in a job in fields like communication, computers, Insurance, property related lawyer.

You can also undertake work as a writer, editor, reporter, printing work, stationery and insurance related work as well.

Family Life – You will have a decent family life. You will bear a larger chunk of responsibility of the family. You may be the eldest son in the family. It is because of this that you would have to undertake and fulfill all the responsibilities of the family. You will not have the presence of your father for too long or for whatever reason your mother will not get the company of your father for too long. You will have younger siblings who will consult and abide by your suggestions.

You will not have a good married life. Your wife will either be sick or there will be differences of opinion with her. This is the reason because of which you will not have very good relationship with your in-laws. Your in-laws can be in government services. It is because of this that you will be under pressure from them. You can also live at your in-laws house.

You will not have bright prospects of having children. But you will have at least one child for sure. If your wife is in government services then you will be famous because of her as well. You will have good destiny after marriage.

Health – You will start getting unwell when you are middle aged. Your heart beat can suddenly stop and you can die.

You may also suffer from eye problems because of the sun in your eighth house. You should be careful about your health after 36 yrs. of age. There are chances of you being bitten by poisonous animals or reptiles. Sudden fire, accidents, shutting of factory or workshop, Altercations with labour union and getting heart or death are all a part of sun in the eighth house.

Things to Note

(1) People who have there sun in the eighth house may suddenly receive wealth or property from unknown sources and people.

(2) If the sun is in the eighth house and the and the yearly resulting house is also in the eighth house in that case you will not have any deaths in your family. Your presence will defeat the death gods even if somebody is on their death bed.

Inauspicious – If the sun is in the eighth house and is looked at by opposing planets and starts getting inauspicious then first and foremost such people starts getting physical disability. They suffer from joint pains and pain in their bones right from their childhood. They may also have a disfigured retina. You will suffer losses in partnership, fight with your in-laws, disrespect, or if you have elder brothers having differences with them. Getting irresponsible. And may have sudden losses as well. Such people roam around from one place to another or from one country to the other without food and shelter.
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