Sun In Eleventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Sun in the Eleventh house – Since the sun is in your Eleventh house you will have an average body. You will have an average height and will not be very fair. But you will have good sturdy body. Your shoulders will be broad and the belly will resemble a pot. You will have big eyes and a decent personality.

Nature – You will have a straight and simple nature. You will stick to the task assigned to you. You will not get in to back biting or calumny. You will be a clever speaker.

You will have the pin-pointed accuracy of identifying or recognizing the right people you will have the ability to identify people who is knowledgeable and who pretends to be knowledgeable.

You will have a friendly nature and will have a lot of friends. You will have a friendly and smiling nature. You will have a suggestive approach. You will give good suggestion and will be result bearing for people who agree and work on your suggestion.

You will do many remarkable works for the society and will be renowned in the society. You will not hurt anyone through your speech, work and heart. You will always try to conduct yourself well with the strength of your character, capability and efforts. You will be principled and love cleanliness. You will like re-doing all clumsy work properly.

Academics and employment options – Since the sun falls in this zone it impacts everything well. It is because of your high quality intelligence that you will be an expert at making judicious decision about serious problems of your life.

Because of the sun in the eleventh house you will receive high quality education. You will get good position because your education. You will have an attractive voice and speaking skills. You will have a rebel tone in your voice.

Because of the sun in the eleventh house you will receive wealth by the grace of king. And you will have the authority to use the ruler’s or the government seal. You will work as a high official and can also receive a state to rule by the grace of king. In other words you can become a judge or magistrate.

You will have interest in many forms of art. You will have a passion for learning about singing. You can do well as an editor, judge, lawyer, script writer, or teaching etc.

Family Life – Your prospect of getting married is at the age of 23. You will get married to a beautiful, educated, and modest girl. Your wife will be good at household chores, administration and will have a good moral conduct.

You will be in the habit of spending unnecessarily on your friends. It is because of this that you will have tension with your family members. But with a sensible wife you will not have to face any financial problems. You will love your family so much that you will not be able to part with them even for a day.

Beautiful women will be attracted and drawn towards you on their own and will not be in a capacity to stop them-selves from having an affair with you. But you will not be bound in to their attraction or get in to an affair with them.

Your children will be successful in their life and you will get to enjoy their well being. Because of the presence of sun you will put in the hard-work to earn wealth and property in your life. Therefore some people will be jealous of your progress and will become your enemy but these enemies will not be able to harm you in anyways. They will not be able to stand against your glory.

Health – Because of the sun in the eleventh house you will be in good health. Because of the opposition of some enemy planets you may suffer from problems related to bile, stammering, or infections in liver. You may also suffer from pain in the arms.

Inauspicious – if your sun slowdown its effect you will either not have no children of your own or will have to adopt a child.

Because of the inauspicious sun you will often get in to brawls and altercations with others. And you will be used to using abusive language. You will not be able to stand by your commitment and will have the habit of lieing. If someone keeps his precious things and trusts you for the same if you disown that you have received the valuable you will be ruined for life.

Do not consume fish and alcohol if you do this you will be ruined. You should not get addicted to any substance or alcohol. Do not get away from any religious work.
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