Sun In Fifth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Sun in the Fifth house : You will be slightly dark and may have holes on your face. The retina of your eyes will be brown. You will have the ability to attract people from time to time. You will have a longish face, long nose or may have a black mole on the right side of your neck.

Nature : You will have a happy and enjoyable nature. You will have a good behaviour and will work honestly and sincerely. You will have a religious thinking. You will be respected for the social work that you engage in.

You will have a clean heart but at the same time you will have an angry temperament. You will lack tolerance and patience. You will not get calm once you get angry. But it will be too late by the time you get to introspection about your behaviour. You will not accept your mistake in any case. You will not bow down or accept defeat. Still, you will have good recalling power and good behaviour.

As a matter of fact you will have more self-realization and will try to understand life from a deeper perspective compared to a common man.

Academics and employment options : You will be an intellectual, intelligent and influential and rich in the use of languages. You will have an independent thinking but you will responsiblycomplete whatever task that you have undertaken. You will be successful in public relation services. You will earn by making commission. You can achieve a lot of success from your intellect and skillful behaviour. But if you get angry, you will destroy, whatever is coming your way.

Because of your hardworking nature you will achieve good position. You can be successful as a teacher, writer and scientist. You will always have problems and interruptions in the sources through which you earn your livelihood. And you have to keep working hard and keep putting in additional efforts to continue earning money. You will benefit from activities like photography, games and sports, law, advertising and publicity of religion

Family Life: You will more or less have a good married life. You will be completely satisfied with your family life. You wife will be a good housewife. Your kids will be educated and intelligent. You will enjoy the presence of your kids.

Sun in the fifth house is called ‘The lord of family’s prosperity’. That means your family will keep prospering. Your financial condition will start improving with the birth of your child. If you make your kitchen in the eastern part of your house or you place your dining table or make your food on the eastern side of the house. You will get more auspicious results from the sun in the fifth house.

You get very good benefit of the sun if it is there in the fifth house during your old age. That means, during your old age you will get all kinds of facilities. You will have the presence of your mother and father for a long time.

. Health : You will always be in good health. Still, you may suffer from body ache, problems related to tooth, and gastro entities etc. Therefore you should just take care of yourself.

Inauspicious: If the sun slows down its effect. Then, you will suffer heavydamagesfrom your children. You will have a boy child after a fairly long time. You may also get a bad name in the society because of your children.

Your wife may not be keeping well. If you have an extra-marital affair all that you would receive is defamation and disgrace.

Being over confident will ruin you. You will be up front and crude in your speech aboutyour own family members which will distance them away from you. You will have high sex libido. You will loose from activities like gambling betting and smuggling.

If your sun suffers from a slow down you will have a stern nature. And your staunch belief in religion will make you superstitious which will make you a strong personality but nobody in your house will follow you.

You may suffer from urine related diseases.
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