Sun In Fifth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Sun in V house in the yearly / annual chart is considered very auspicious & gets the title of master of family’s growth & prosperity. It is an indication that the fate of the native will get flourish from all the sides. There will be new spark and creativity in life. If the native is student his/her knowledge will be enhanced. If the native is an adult there will be happiness from the children’s side . When Saturn is also posited in eleventh chart, there will be remarkable progress. Family support, unexpected financial gains are likely.

But, if Sun posited in fifth house is either conjuncted or aspected by malefies, the native will be worried on account of children, and there will be increase in temperament/ anger and aggression. The difference of opinion with the loved ones/ friends is quite possible. There may be lose of prestige too in that year.

Remedial Measures: -

1. Propitiate malefic planets
2. Don’t have fights with women.
3. Control anger and aggression.
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