Sun In First House (Natal Chart Reading)

Sun in the first house : Sun in the first house helps you to be recognized as person who attaches a lot of value to truth and belongs to satyuga (Era of truth). It is because of this that you will be drawn into EGO. Jupiter in the first house makes you the source of your self.

Physical features :You will have an average height with a weatish skin color. Your eyes will resemble the lion’s eye but it will not be frightening. With a lean body which is not weak, long nose, wide shoulders, and a well-toned muscular body, with a calm and composed face and refined behaviour. You will be able to attract everybody towards yourself. When you will walk the right portion will be moved first. Your hands will be plain, with the mid-point of your finger being fat and a roundish head.

But, if there are opposing planets in the sun’s house or the sun is being looked at by opposing planets. In that case your skin color will be dark and the body can be fat as well. You will have a bad temper and you will not believe in working out on your body to give it a toned look. Or, in a way we can say that despite having a good body you will not be attractive.

Nature : You are extremely proud. He does not express his problems, anxiety or needs in front of others. On one hand such people are very intelligent but on the other hand they will not be able to reach the defined target precisely and this is because he does not have the patience to continue and gives up. He is capable of giving good advice to other for their problems but in his personal life he does whatever he feels is right and enjoys doing.

You will not accept any favours and friendship if it comes between your self-pride and independence. This is because you do not want to earn name, fame and wealth by wrong doing or at the behest of somebody else’s mercy. You will earn a lot of money but will not be able to save money.

Because of the Jupiter in the first house you will always be ready for religious work. You will believe in traditional thinking. But, you will not have a firm belief in traditional customs and thinking.

You will earn name, fame and prestige during your life-time. You will be extremely honest.

If, sun gives inauspicious results you will be greedy and a flatterer. To get his work done or to accomplish what he wants to, can stoop down to any extent. Making new rules and breaking it will be your habit. You will get aggrieved by small failures. You will get hypersensitive and create a situation which will boomerang and blast for you.

Academics and employment options : You will receive good education. You will know many languages. You will be good at estimation. Most of the time you will receive your education at a place which is away from your birth place or your place of work or business will be situated far away from your home town.

You will benefit from ruling. There are chances of you becoming an engineer, doctor with an expertise in (diseases related to private parts), Revenue services, or draftsman. If you are interested in business you will make good profits in businesses related to export of thread, medicines, and manufacturing of decorative material. You may also benefit from government bodies, machinery or ministers. You may also benefit from land related activities.

Family Life: Sun in Lagna sees the seventh house with its seventh eye. Therefore your married life will mostly be successful. Your wife will be a good home maker. And she will be modest, dedicated and faithful.

You will receive complete love and care of your parents. You will take care of your father till the time he is alive or breathing. You will not have too many brothers and sisters and you will help everyone to the best of your capacity. You will have a strong progeny and you will surely have a male child. But you will not have any expectation from your son. This would not mean that he will be anti-social or worthless.

Health : your health will sometimes be good and at times will not be good. You will have a good diet but there you will be irregular and unsure of your food habits. If the sun has weak effect or it does not have a good bearing on you. You may suffer from problems related to tooth, weak eyesight, tuberculosis, gastro entities, brain fever, accidents, malaria, getting physically hurt, and brain meningitides.

If the sun does not have a good impact. You will not have a good family life. Your wife will not be keeping well. And you will not benefit from business as well. If you get into a partnership partners will also commit fraud and financial wrong doing. If you are in a job there will be frequent changes there as well.

You will not have your father on your side for a long time. Whomever you may have helped will not standby when you need them. You will die of the false pride that you carry because you will have to visit hospitals and courts too frequently. Formation of too much of saliva in the mouth is also a bad omen for having an inauspicious sun.
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