Sun In First House (Annual Predictions)

Sun is considered to be the king of all the planets or and the first house in the horoscope. If the Sun is auspicious this year, many good results could be experienced. The person who has well placed Sun in the chart will get benefits from government machinery/ departments and the politicians as well. The native will be endowed with remarkable courage. Your enemies will keep their mouth shut. You will gain through immovable property like plot/ house. Business will keep on flourishing throughout the year. The native will be filled with surmountable courage.

A great new spark of entering into politics will be ignited to those natives who have their Sun unaffected in the chart. Contrary to this, the conjunction or aspect of malefic planet with the Sun may create many hurdles in government/ state related works. Business will bear loses. Such native may face health/ court problems and has to spend lot of amount in order to come out of these hassles. His/ her moral will be down.
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